Single Barrel 106

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Limited Edition Vintage Tennessee Red Cedar Pencil

At the end of the 1930s, Colonel Musgrave sent his final export of Tennessee Red Cedar slats off to Europe’s pencil factories. Somehow, a small number of burlap sacks filled with slats missed the boat. Years later, the sacks would be discovered in the wreckage of an ill-fated storage building that had collapsed.

Grown in Tennessee, milled by Colonel Musgrave, and shaped today in the factory he founded more than 100 years ago, we think it’s about time these slats had their chance to write a new chapter as the Single Barrel 106.

Featuring a #2 core, hexagonal shape, and black end cap. The "106" is a nod to only the most discerning of pencil lovers.

Buyers, take note: We’ve combed through these slats as best we could, but some of them will come imperfectly perfect. What can we say other than nearly 90 years of hanging out in a pencil factory will do that to you. We think the charming blemishes make them all the more interesting.

Available in very limited quantities. Pencil comes unsharpened.