Frequently Asked Questions

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Do you give tours?

No, we do not offer tours to the public. With machines running throughout our workday, there are safety concerns for any potential visitors, especially children wanting to visit. But if you’re curious about the process and our machinery, check out our blog post where we showcase each step of pencil manufacturing. It’s great for adults (and kids!) interested in seeing how a pencil is made.

Will you give a donation?

There are quite a few opportunities to donate to many meaningful entities, and as you can imagine, we get requests almost daily. As such, we concentrate on our local requests for pencil donations. On occasion, there are opportunities where we have what are considered “seconds.” These are pencils that include misprints. In some instances we’re able to sell these at a reduced rate to organizations. In that case, those purchasing are asked to cover freight costs. If this may be of interest to your organization, please contact us

Do you make custom pencils?

Believe it or not, we get this question emailed quite a bit. The answer is yes, we make custom pencils. We are a pencil factory! If it’s been done before on a pencil, we can probably do it (just submit a quote). If it’s never been done, email us with your idea, and perhaps we can make history!

What are your minimums for orders?

Great question, and it varies depending on the style and printing method.

720 (1 gross) is our minimum on a Imprint order if pencil color is in stock. Screen printing, Digital printing — available only on Carpenter Pencils, — and Foil transfer (Heat Transfer) all have varying minimum order quantities. Please inquire to learn more.

Can you do custom Pantone colors?

Yes, the minimum order for a custom Pantone® Match (PMS) is 35 gross (5,000 pencils). Please ask for quote.

Can I select my core grade?

Yes, the minimum is 5 gross (720 pencils) if a core grade is in stock. A special core grade would have a minimum of 50 gross (7,200 pencils). Please reach out to learn more.

Do you sell blank pencils?

Yes. Please submit a quote.

Do you ship internationally?

No, we do not ship internationally for individual products. For international orders, we recommend you try our friends at CW Pencil Enterprise. If you are looking for bulk or wholesale orders shipped internationally, contact us.  

Do you sell your vintage pencils?

No, we don’t. But they are pretty cool, aren’t they?