Black and White Bugle

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Today, for the first time ever, the Black and White Bugle is making its debut on our website, including some fun new packaging that celebrates the contrast wood. 

Contrast basswood with a standard #2 core. 

Buyer’s Note: Because of the nature of the contrast wood, we can’t control where the imprint lands. Consider it part of the charm! We think the lucky ones are where it lands exactly halfway between the black and light wood. 

More about the Bugle: Our 1816 Bugle Pencil is a round pencil with a clear lacquer coat, which helps show the wood’s beautiful grain. This pencil does not have an eraser and is favored in many school systems for its light weight and European styling. We suggest you use a beveled eraser to erase. The Bugle is very comfortable to hold and has an HB writing core. This classic pencil has a clean look and is lightweight.

Now available in a delightful paper box.

Made in the USA with globally and domestically sourced components.