Handyscribe Cam-Shaped Scribing Pencil

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Grab a set of 10 (they come in two 5-pack box sets) or a box of 50. 

We joined forces with HandyScribe to produce a truly revolutionary pencil. Designed for trim carpenters and skilled craftsmen in the construction trades, it can measure on the fly and get the correct distance they need without the aid of a compass. 

This patented “cam-shaped” pencil, a first-of-its-kind, posed a challenge to create a pencil shape that had never been produced before. The result of our meticulous craftsmanship is a pencil that perfectly aligns with the needs of the tradespeople it serves. 

The patented design provides a comfortable grip and precise control, empowering artisans to execute their work with unmatched accuracy.

Please note: These do not fit in a traditional carpenter pencil sharpener. These are sharpened by hand with a knife. Be careful when using and never let children sharpen.