Heritage Collection - Pencil Variety Pack

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Our Variety Packs come with 12 pencils from our Heritage Collection.

The set currently includes the 600 News, 1816 Bugle, 510 Hermitage, the 320 Harvest Professional, 100 Test Scoring, 909 Ceres, 500 TOT, 8500 Choo-Choo, 2020 My-Pal, 3030T Cub, 1200 Unigraph F, and the Tennessee Red. Plus, it comes in a heavy-duty paper tube that splits open into two pencil cups designed to sit on your desk. Charming and practical, it’s a set perfect for gifting. Heads up: Two of our pencils come in two colors, so expect to see either a blue or red TOT and a green or blue Cub in your variety pack. 

Made in the USA with globally and domestically sourced components.