Nearest Green Distillery Pencil — Set of 3

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When Fawn Weaver, the powerhouse behind the Uncle Nearest brand, decided to open the Nearest Green Distillery here in Shelbyville, we were thrilled to get a new neighbor.

Watching her journey, calling her a friend, and seeing her break new barriers as the first African-American woman to lead a major spirits brand (among many other firsts) is nothing short of incredible. 

On Juneteenth in 2021 the Nearest Green Distillery opened its doors to more than 10,000 estimated visitors. We made this limited-edition pencil as a gift to the Distillery to honor Fawn Weaver’s accomplishments, to celebrate this moment in history, and as a fun memento visitors can grab on their way through the gift shop! 

For a limited time, pencil fans and collectors can purchase a set on our website. But keep in mind, for those of drinking age, these pencils pair best with Nearest Green Whiskey.

So congratulations to Fawn and the entire team at Uncle Nearest. Here’s to writing the next chapter of the Nearest Green story. We are so proud to call you friends and neighbors. 

Enjoy. And remember to write (and drink) responsibly.