Webb Space Telescope Pencil Pack of 12

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Size 12-pack

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We’re thrilled to introduce our newest line of pencils using beautiful photographs of the cosmos provided by the James Webb Space Telescope. Lose yourself in the unreal colors of stars, storms, and moons. 

These pencils are studded with black erasers and gold ferrules to match the dark, enchanting depths of space wrapped around the barrel. Whether they’re jotting down some notes or they’re scribbling about the stars, these pencils would be perfect for the astronomy lover in your life — hobbyist, professional, or otherwise.

-Set of 12 Round Pencils.
-Standard No. 2 Core.
-Latex Free Eraser.
-Recyclable Ferrule.


Usage rules for images via the James Webb Telescope can be found here: https://webbtelescope.org/copyright