Vintage Musgrave Catalog

Vintage Musgrave Catalog

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One of our favorite things for our blogs and social media is digging through old content. Check out this page-by-page photo series featuring a cool vintage catalog.


If you can believe it, our pencil factory still has the same P.O. Box.

Interior Cover

"A History of Lead Pencils" including core grades and descriptions.

Page 1

You can find the Unigraph Pencil and Harvest Pencil for sale on our site today. The Unigraph imprint has barely changed.

Page 2

Our Test Scoring Pencil and 600 News Pencil are also still for sale today.

Page 3

Page 3 has our Ceres. The <M> on the Ceres was the inspiration for our recent logo redesign.  

Page 4

How gorgeous are these textured vintage pencil ferrules?!

Page 5

This package features the call out for "Home, School, Office" with a diamond for shop keeper's to write in their price.

Page 6

Our Harvest 320's have long been our favorite pencils, but lately our Tennessee Red's have given this line a run for it's money.

Page 7

This page features our "Indelible" pencils. Believe it or not, dentist offices love indelible pencils.

Page 8

The Choo-Choo, TOT and My Pal 2020 are among the pencils on this page that are still available today.

Back Cover (interior)

We no longer make the TOT in this lovely shade of green, but upon a second look, maybe we should.

Back Cover

Schools and School districts have long our most treasured customers! We don't make many custom colored sets anymore, but we still make tons of products school-aged children and teachers love.

Love this series? We're always posting great images and videos of our custom pencils on our Instagram. Follow the hashtag #vintagemusgrave for awesome vintage pencil content.

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