12-pack Tennessee Round™

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Buyer’s Note: Because of the nature of the wood — untreated Eastern Red Cedar — some cores may be slightly off-center, and wood may have modest visible wear. Please see this Tennessee Red™ Cedar Pencil blog post for further production details prior to purchasing. 

The Tennessee Round™ pencil is a round pencil and a natural follow-up to our best-selling hex pencil, the Tennessee Red™. 

Our Tennessee Round features the same core, eraser, and gorgeous wood as our Tennessee Red hex pencil because why mess with a good thing? The matte clear coat showcases the luxe color changes and personality of this incredible wood, which comes through in new and interesting ways on the round pencil. The imprint was also adjusted for a better fit to the round style, making it a little bigger and bolder than its hex twin.   

The #2 core provides a perfect mix of a just-soft-enough-but-not-too-hard feel that’s fantastic when writing notes, letters, and lists. And it only made sense to package this in a round tube that will look great on a desk or wrapped up with a bow.

Made in the USA with globally and domestically sourced components.