Parnassus Books Custom Pencils

Parnassus Custom Pencils!

Parnassus Books approached us for a custom pencil set and box. We were thrilled, as Parnassus is a Tennessee institution!

custom pencil set with box
Custom Bookstore Pencil

Parnassus Books is an independent bookstore located in Nashville, Tennessee. Co-owned by best-selling author Ann Patchett and publishing veteran Karen Hayes, Parnassus stocks the best selections of literature, non-fiction, children’s, local interests, and the arts. The store also boasts an extensive local author section.

...and now it boasts some very cool custom pencils!

So grab yourself a box of these beauties — designed by the mega-talented Heidi Ross — on their website.

Learn more about their journey to production in this delightful post by Steve Haruch, a pencil enthusiast and friend of the factory!


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    Aniee Charless
  • Hello,
    I am very interested in seeing if we could carry similar pencils at our independent bookstore here on the Maine coast. Ann is a good friend of ours and I would ask her if we could use her quote on the box; if not (which I totally understand), I could easily contact other writers for permission.
    I LOVE these pencils and I know they’d do very well at our shop, which is open year-round, daily. Please visit our website to get a feel for our offerings:

    THANK YOU! Nancy
    Publicist & Manager,
    Left Bank Books
    109 Church St.
    Belfast, ME 04915

    Nancy Hauswald

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