Pencil Inspired Teacher Gifts

Pencil Inspired Teacher Gifts

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Teachers deserve way more gifts than we could possibly bestow on them. This blog post provides a few ideas for custom-made gifts inspired by pencils!

Pencil Box

Teachers will love this adorable pencil box to help her stay organized throughout the year. It is a great gift to help them always have pencils readily available for the students who are down to a nub of a pencil. You can get creative and customize the pencils with your teacher’s name or even make color-coded pencil boxes to organize colored pencils for the classroom. They are sure to enjoy this useful gift of organization.

Source: Ventuno Art 

Rolo Pencils

Gather together a few of these delicious Rolo Pencils with a school supply gift card to Amazon or Target. They will love the sweet pick-me-up as they adjust to their back-to-school schedule, and they will get the added bonus of extra funds for supplies that inevitably come up.

Custom Pencils

Teachers love to have their own special “somethings” that are just theirs. They also love being able to share their special pencils with students who are in need or have shown excellent behavior. These personalized gifts are a great way to incentivize kids without toys or candy.

Pencil Jar

These adorable pencil holders are not only a wonderful desk organizer for your teacher, but also customize them with table or center numbers and different jar colors, and then you have helped your teacher organize her centers and group tables. The pencil jars will help clearly label the groups and tables and ensure students are ready to sharpen their minds with readily available pencils and supplies throughout the school day.

Pencil Gift Card Holder

Customize this pencil gift card holder for any gift card and any occasion throughout the year. Give your teacher a gift she will love and can spend on anything she pleases for herself or her classroom. It is always nice to bundle some sharpened pencils to the gift card, so your teacher can have them on hand and ready to go for inputting grades or to pass out for morning work to students while she inputs her absentees. Teachers love gifts that make their day go more smoothly.

Pencil Bouquet

Give your teacher a pencil bouquet. Include different color pencils, pens, a sharpener, and a fun eraser. She will love having these pencils and pens on hand for inputting grades, passing out to students as they correct their own work, and grading papers. Be sure to include many colors so she can develop her own grading and input system that is color-coded and can save time. Time is the best gift you can give a teacher!

Source: CW Pencils

Pencil Flower Pot

This adorable pencil flower pot will cheer up any teacher’s classroom! You can choose colors that complement the teacher’s room decor or even better, your school colors. You could even add inspirational quotes or sweet messages on the pencil “leaves” to help cheer on your teacher throughout the day.

Source: Ja Monkey

Pencil Desk Organizer

Teachers love to declutter and stay organized. This pencil desk organizer is a beyond cute way to keep his desk clear and have his grading utensils readily available! Customize it by adding your teacher’s name and changing “No. 2” to “No.1.” “Mrs. Lauren is No.1”

Pencil Shoes

These pencil shoes are the cutest. Teachers are on their feet all day. Help your teacher stay comfortable while she teaches throughout the year or give them as a gift right before testing week begins. (Throw in a pair of thin insoles to be a saint.) She will love having her feet so stylish and will be the envy of the other teachers when they find out a student made them especially for her.

Source #2: Hey CiCi Customs

Pencil Wreath

Teachers will love this back-to-school pencil wreath as a first day of school gift. Put your teacher’s name on it so your little one knows exactly which classroom is theirs. They will be so proud to tell their friends that they helped make a gift for their teacher. Welcome your teacher this year with this thoughtful and fun wreath.

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