The Sidekick - A Tennessee Red Cedar Carpenter Pencil

Introducing - The Sidekick

With the amazing success of our Tennessee Red Cedar Pencil, we knew we needed to follow-up with a carpenter pencil that would be a worthy companion.

The laser-engraving process was an opportunity to add a special element. This is the kind of touch we know professional and hobby woodworkers would love.

We hope you enjoy our new mascot. Many people know the Tennessee Walking Horse is a huge part of Shelbyville. What could be more playful than a tough counterpart like this new Mascot?


  • Just ordered a box for special gift. My son-in-law Ron, his identical twin Don, and their friend Dan are the three sidekicks who are contractors and craftsmen in Palm Springs, CA. As mom I finally convinced them to rebuild our kitchen and have wanted to find them a perfect thank you gift. Three pencils for the Sidekicks and one box they can fight over!\
    Thank you

    Linda Knight
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